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Horse Training/Colt Starting

Total Transformation's Training Program is designed around Natural Horsemanship. By using sensitizing and desensitizing exercises on the ground and under saddle Danielle gains control and respect from horses without fear. She works to open the communication between horse and rider by working with the horses natural instincts, instead of forcing the horse to perform a certain way the horse chooses to be a willing partner.

Danielle's main focus is gaining control of the 5 body parts - head and neck, poll, shoulders, rib cage and hips - on the ground and under saddle. Whether it be a colt needing the best start possible under saddle or a previously trained horse that is giving you some problems, your horse will perform better after completing this personalized program.

Colt Starting Program:

It is important to get your colt the best start possible as this is his first impression of the saddle and rider and will remain with him for a long time to come. At TTH colts are not tied or layed down or snubbed to a post or "bucked out" like traditional ways. Fear tactics and physical abuse are not used on the colts which results in a stress free atmosphere so colts can be prepared for the next stage of learning.

The first 3 days the colts are round penned to teach them to walk, trot, lope and change directions. It is very important to get colts moving as they tend to get stuck easily. Then they are taught the basic groundwork exercises for a week. This is to gain cotrol of their movements and desensitize them to ensure the first saddling goes smoothly with no accidents. With the first saddling the colts are allowed to buck on a lunge line. This way they know for sure they cannot get the saddle off. Then they wear the saddle all day in the arena giving them a chance to really get used to it and experience the saddle flapping and moving. From then on they are not allowed to buck. Then Danielle continues their groundwork and preparing for the first ride. The colts experience their first ride in the round pen (utalizing the round penning taught the first 3 days) as Danielle rides the colt a helper on the ground directs the colt. The helper gets the colt to walk, trot, lope, change directions and stop on the first ride as Danielle rubs and moves all over them to show a rider is not to be feared. Colts are ridden in the round pen for 3 days then advanced to the arena to complete the remaining groundwork and under saddle exercises in the training program.

The rider is the other part of this program. Total Transformation Horsemanship is about training the horse AND rider. The owner/primary rider is required to take a private lesson on their horse before it returns home to insure they are aware of how the horse has been trained. Riders are strongly encouraged to return and continue lessons with their horse to maintain the horses performance.

Your horse will be kept under Danielle's care and supervision at all times. She lives and trains on the same property your horse is boarded. During training your horse is worked 6 days a week for no less than 1½ hours a day for a minimum of 60 days. From Danielle's experience, 30 days is not enough time for the horse to "get it" and make consistent progress.

(Prices vary for larger breeds and does not include any trimming, shots or veterinary care needed while the horse is at TTH)

"Total Transformation Horsemanship has been an amazing experience. I was given a feral one year old filly last fall. At two, she was still hard to handle and had not overcome many of her 'wild' behaviors. With clear objectives, considerable patience and a gentle approach, Mrs. Dove trained my horse to be respectful, calm, and a willing partner both on the ground and under saddle. The change that took place in just 8 weeks is incredible. Mrs. Dove also equipped me with knowledge and tools to work confidently with my horse at home. She taught me through a 'hands on' approach the training techniques and riding cues she was teaching my horse. Mrs. Dove has my upmost respect and gratitude."............................Hannah Beckett

Total Transformation Horsemanship
Richards, TX 77873

Phone: 936-577-7511

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