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TTH offers a variety of options on clinics. They are divided into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced based on the level of the exercises, not rider ability. You can participate in a group clinic or get one-on-one with Danielle in a private clinic.

Beginner Clinic

In the beginner clinic you will learn the very foundation of Natural Horsemanship and the philosophy behind the groundwork and under saddle exercises. You and your horse will complete the exercises designed to give you a respectful responsive horse through proper communication. Some of what you can expect from a beginner clinic:

· Recieve immediate respect from your horse by showing him your personal space.
· Learn how to desensitize your horse properly to overcome his fears.
· Gain control of the hindquarters and forequarters with groundwork.
· Soften your horse laterally to prepare for vertical flextion.
· Learn the importance of a "one-rein-stop" and how to execute one properly.
· Teach your horse to maintain a consistant walk, trot and lope.
· Begin to give your horse more responsiblity during your ride instead of constantly redirecting him

Intermediate Clinic:

To participate in the Intermediate Clinic you and your horse must first complete a beginner clinic and gain approval from Danielle that you and your horse are ready to move onto the harder exercises. You will then begin to gain more control of your horses 5 body parts (head and neck, poll, shoulders, rib cage and hip) with harder groundwork and under saddle exercises. You will also be ready to take your horse out of the arena to tackle some obsticals and test your skills! Some of what you can expect from an intermediate clinic:

· Learn to move your horses 5 body parts with the softest touch.
· Begin sidpassing your horse to control the ribs.
· Teach your horse to "send" over obsticals including a platform and jumps.
· Continue desensitizing your horse to scary objects and noises.
· Start softening your horse vertically.
· Do roll-backs to get control of your horses forequarters under saddle.
· Begin stopping with 2 reins softly without resistance.

Advanced Clinic:

To participate in an Advanced Clinic you and your horse must be able to perform every exercise from the 2 previous clinics and do them effortlessly. If you advance on too soon you will run into more resistance from the lack of preparation. Some of what you can expect from an advanced clinic:

· Begin performing the groundwork on a longer lunge line.
· Learn how you can do less work and your horse can do more.
· Prepare your horse to do exercises without a lunge line.
· Start teaching your horse to slide to a stop.
· Teach your horse to do spins.
· Sidepass undersaddle.
· Back your horse up with ease and softness.

Affordable pricing, contact for more information. Danielle is willing to travel to a proper riding facility with a minimum of 5 participants.

You are a remarkable trainer and I can't thank you enough for your patience and your ability to teach. I look forward to working with you again. You helped Twister and I get back to the team we once were. I am honored to have been a part of this Level Up (magazine) Issue. Such a great moment...Such an amazing difference you made in our lives. I am a better owner and rider...because of you. "Thank you" just doesn't seem enough.- Rachel Kelly.

Riding Lessons

During the time Danielle was training, competing and raising her own horses, she also began giving lessons to young beginner riders. Many of them started out timid and scared but as time went on, with Danielle's patient approach, they ended up confident, well rounded horsemen and horsewomen. This is where she discovered her passion for helping others have fun with their horse!

Danielle offers private lessons in a quiet outdoor arena free of distractions. Whether you bring your own horse or use one of the lesson horses provided, Danielle will take you through her program on a personal level. Each lesson plan is personalized for your needs and experience. Lessons for children include playing games, learning the barrel and pole pattern and teaching them how to handle horses safely and maintain control while riding.

Our Lesson Horse

"Lucky" was Danielle's first horse when she was 7 years old. He had been with her for 17 years now as they used to compete in barrel racing and pole bending around TX together. He is now 25 years old and gives lessons to children and adults. He has a wonderful slow trot and lope. He can help you learn the groundwork if you choose and boost your confidence as a rider. Children love trotting around the barrels and playing games while riding Lucky.

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